The St. Mark Congregational Nominating Committee seeks your help to identify persons for this committee to consider to serve as Elder, Deacon, member of the Congregational Nominating Committee, or member of the Endowment Committee.
These St. Mark members should show commitment to the church and its mission. Take a look around you and if you know someone who seems like a good candidate, nominate them! (You could even nominate yourself, after all, who knows you better!) Thank you for your prayerful thoughts regarding our future leaders. A Nomination Form is available below.
St. Mark Nominating Committee

Click here to get a copy of the Nomination Form in PDF format

The Nomination Form is in fillable PDF format.
If the forms opens in your browser window, you will need to download the form to your computer before you begin to fill it in.

After completing the Nomination form, you can print the form and return it to the Congregational Nominating Committee box in the church office.

Or you can email the completed form to: