What We Do:
The St. Mark Deacons offer sympathy and service to our congregation and community.

Who We Are:
A group of fellow members of Christ’s church who are called to fulfill our responsibility set forth in Scripture of compassion, witness, and service after the example of Jesus Christ.

How We Serve:
We minister to the sick, the lonely, the troubled, those in need, and anyone in distress. This is accomplished through committees led by Deacons – with enthusiastic support of many members of the congregation.

Eighteen church members are elected by the congregation to the position of Deacon and serve a three year term. One youth church member under the age of 20 is elected by the congregation to the position of Deacon to serve a one-year term. Each Deacon chairs, co-chairs and/or are members of a St. Mark Church standing committees, task forces and other events when called.

The Board of Deacons normally meets on the second Monday of the month.

Board Officers for 2021:
Sharon Cardwell, Moderator
Pam Ladley, Vice-Moderator
Julie Prine, Secretary
Jack Martin, Treasurer