St. Mark has a church library that is filled with all types of books. Each month, our church librarian features several titles in the Library Corner column for The Messenger (our church newsletter).
Book titles for the current month will be found on the book cart outside of the Adult Library or in the Narthex.
All members are invited to COME IN AND CHECK US OUT!

February 2020
The Story for February covers Moses, Joshua, and Ruth among others. Books on Biblical events of this time will be on display on library shelves in the Adult and Children’s Libraries and on the carts outside the Adult Library.

October 2019
Some books in the Library for October events include:
Adult Library:
Luther: Biography of a Reformer by Frederick Nohl. Luther’s one goal: peace with God was finally found in going back to the Bible. As a result, he started the oldest continuing evangelical movement in history.
Women of the Reformation in Germany and Italy by Roland H. Bainton contains biographical sketches of 16 women of the reformation.
Generous People: How to Encourage Vital Stewardship by Eugene Grimm contains down-to-earth methods to cut through confusion surrounding the subject of stewardship.

Children’s Library:
Martin Luther: a Man who Changed the World by Paul L. Maier. Luther’s search for peace with God in the Bible caused him to challenge the church to return to the roots of the Christian faith.
The Case of Stuart’s Ship: a Lesson in Stewardship by Stan Toler and Debra White Smith leads us to discover what it means to be true stewards of God’s gifts and how to put stewardship into practice. Even children can please God by taking care of their toys, time, and body.

August/September 2019
The St. Mark Church libraries include other types of book than religious. Among the books for our younger readers in the Children’s Library are:
My First Day at Claymont Preschool by Lili Hostetler: a book to introduce children to their new adventure when they go to Claymont Preschool. This book is written by a young woman who grew up at St. Mark.
I Q Goes to School by Mary Ann Fraser describes a class pet who wants to be a student and how he does it.
The Puppy Who Went to School by Gail Herman is the story of Wags who is Ben’s puppy and does everything with him.

These books are available on the book cart outside the Adult Library. Other books on many subjects are available in the Children’s Library downstairs and near the table outside the Adult Library.

June/July 2019
Summer is here and we have some suggested lighter reading:

Where is God Not? An American surgeon in India by Forrest C. Eggleston recalls the experiences of Eggleston and his family serving as medical missionaries to the Lady Irwin Tuberculosis Sanatorium in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and the vast difference he and his staff made in the quality of health care.

Mary’s Story by Barbara Swant and Ruth Anderson is a presentation of the “greatest story ever told” from a perspective unique to Biblical literature. “After 2000 years of silence, Mary tells her story.

The Five People you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom tells the story of Eddie’s death and awakening in the afterlife where he learns that heaven is a place where your earthly life is explained to you by five people who were in it.

May 2019
Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Library books about mothers include:
For Adults:
When Mothers Pray: the greatest influence in a child’s life by Cheri Fuller shares ideas about how to overcome such hurdles as discouragement, lack of time, and inconsistency and persevere in prayer when nothing seems to change.

Games Grandmas Play: life lessons on Christian faith and grandchildren by Joan Jacobs explores the grandmother/grandchild relationship showing how to offer practical guidance and spiritual wisdom in a way that encourages the development of our grandchildren.

For children:
Mother’s Mother’s Day by Lorna Balian a simple story about visits to mothers.

Mama, Do You Love Me? by Barbara M. Joosse is a story of a child testing the limits of her independence and a mother who proves that a parent’s love in unconditional and everlasting.

April 2019
Books about Christ and faith are in the 230 section of the library. Included are:
The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel investigates the 8 most persistent emotional barriers to belief

All that Jesus asks: how his questions can teach and transform us by Stan Guthrie uncovers who Jesus is by examining what was important to him and what he wants us to believe.

No Wonder They Call Him the Savior by Max Lucado invites you to come to the foot of the cross and look up – read the stories of those who encountered Jesus and what happened when they did.

March 2019
Books for Lent and Easter are on display around the library and on the carts. Some books that may interest you are:

A World Worth Saving: Lenten Spiritual Practices for Action by George Hovaness Donigian “If you’re weary of the Lent-as-usual of giving up chocolate, you’ll discover Lent as your opportunity to become involved in acts of mercy and compassion.

The Road to Emmaus: Companions for the Journey Through Lent by Helen Julian. You’ll meet eight companions from the past who bring wise counsel for today’s spiritual pilgrimage. Join them as you travel through Lent.

The Symbols Speak: A Story for Easter by Lisa Flinn. The seasons of Lent and Easter are filled with glorious symbols. Use this book to share the story of Jesus and his gift of salvation with your children.

Make Room: A Child’s Guide to Lent and Easter by Laura Alary. “Children of all ages will come away with a broader understanding of the holy Lenten season and what it means to prepare for the glorious gift of Easter.

February 2019
February brings thoughts of love, so…….
Adult Library:
Love Letters from Cell 92 – the correspondence between Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Maria von Wedemeyer 1943-45 – a “deeply moving love story in a deadly time.”

Children’s Library:
I Love You, Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt tells how much mama would love him even if he was a skunk, alligator, swamp creature, etc.

I Love You Because You’re You by Liza Baker tells us all the times mama loves little fox, like when he’s happy, frisky, etc.

December 2018
Suggested books for Advent and Christmas include:
The Advent Jesse Tree: Devotions for children and adults to prepare for the coming of the CHRIST CHILD at CHRISTMAS is by Dean Meador Lambert.

Because of Bethlehem Love is Born, Hope is Here by Max Lucado reminds us that Christ went through all the normal stages of human development. In the midst of your hectic Christmas season, he urges you to rekindle your connection to the Christ of Christmas, lay down your endless Christmas to-do list and receive what Jesus has already done, and heal you heartache by embracing the God who is always near you.

Behind the Scenes Christmas by Su Box – find out why Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas in this book which takes a look behind the scenes at Christmas.

Room for a little one: a Christmas tale by Martin Waddell shows children there is always room for a little one at the stable.

November 2018
Library books for Thanksgiving include:
Thanksgiving Tales: True Stories of the Holiday in America edited by Brian D. Jaffe includes happy, sad, funny stories about the Thanksgiving holiday.
Lessons from the Holidays by Dr. James Scott, Jr. brief essays about Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year.

For children, we have:
Thanksgiving at Our House by P.K. Hallinan tells all the activities that a family could do on Thanksgiving Day.
Thank you for Thanksgiving by Dandi Daley Mackall. The boy in the story is the last of his family for say what they are thankful for. He finally decides to “talk to God and say what’s true. Lord, can I give thanks for YOU? and thank YOU for Thanksgiving!”

September 2018
About the St. Mark Presbyterian Church Library:

    The St. Mark Library was started as an Eagle Project by Ron Fischer in 1970. It was first a small bookshelf located along the wall outside the present Adult Library. As it grew, more space was required and the library was moved into what is now the Pastor’s Conference Room. After a number of years, more space was needed and when the present office was finished, the library was separated. The adult section was moved to its present location in the “Library/Bride’s Room, and the Children’s Library went downstairs to the children’s room.
    The Libraries contain over 1,000 books each, and although most of the collection deals with religious books, including Bibles, concordances, studies on individual books of the Bible, devotions, other religions, and hymnbooks, there are biographies, fiction, books on family life, and DVDs on various subjects including Bible studies.
    For assistance in finding a particular book or subject, please use the card catalog or call Diana Johanning.

August 2018
New additions to the Adult Library include:

Half Truths: God helps those who help themselves and other things the Bible doesn’t say by Adam Hamilton examines some half truths people often believe that sometimes when repeated can hurt people. These half truths can lead people to conclusions about God that are not only untrue, but may push some people away from God.

What am I supposed to do with my life? Asking the right questions by Douglas J. Brouwer offers a personal, spiritual response to the vocational questions people often ask. This book will encourage many to reflect on their lives and vocations.

Angry people…and what we can learn from them by Warren W. Wiersbe uncovers some surprising insights about anger and points out biblical principles that will help you control and display anger in a way that protects, builds up and brings glory to God. The anger of Moses, David, Elisha, Jesus, and Jonah are discussed.

These books can be found on the cart in the Narthex.

July 2018
The library has books on other subjects than just religious topics.
For lighter summer exploring:

Recipe books from early church recipes, such as Musical Feast – 1981, can be found in the 641 section.

The Treasury of Religious Verse, compiled by Donald Kauffman, and other books on poetry are in the 800’s.

Dr. Seuss’s You’re Only Old Once! – a book for obsolete children. If laughter is the best medicine, this is a book against aging. Dr. Seuss lightens the aches and pains of growing old with his inimitable wit and wisdom.

A new book in the Children’s Library is:
The Mess Detectives: The Slobfather by Doug Peterson is a story about how lies can pile up and cause a bigger mess than “coming clean” at the beginning.

These books are available on the book cart in the Narthex, and, of course, many more in both the Adult and Children’s Libraries.

June 2018
New additions to the library include:
Sleeping with Bread, Holding What Gives You Life by Dennis Linn asks two questions: 1) For what am I most grateful? 2) For what am I least grateful? It describes situations of life in which these two questions are asked and gives clues to the results.

She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton describes 13 American women who changed the world.
Since June 17 is Father’s Day, we have The Heart of a Father: How Dads Can Shape the Destiny of America by Ken Canfield.

May 2018
Since we celebrated humor in worship in April, you might be interested in Elton Trueblood’s The Humor of Christ. Trueblood claims that “much of the relevant evidence (of Christ’s humor) is so deeply hidden by accepted presuppositions that it will not be recognized apart from some analysis.”

New additions to the library:
John Newton is a DVD about the ruthless slave trader who becomes a messenger of amazing grace.
Half Truths by Adam Hamilton tells us about “God helps those who help themselves”, and other things the Bible doesn’t say.

For the children:
Please, Nana, who is God? By Margaret Wieland meets the tough questions children ask head on, conveying Biblical truths in a captivating style.

April 2018
A few of the books by famous authors in the library follow:
Listening to Your Life by Frederick Buechner contains daily meditations for an entire year meant to possess and liberate the heart.
Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Faith in Community by Dietrich Bonhoeffer an inspiring account of a unique fellowship in an underground seminary during the Mazi years in Germany. It gives practical advise on how life together in Christ can be sustained in families and groups.
Following Jesus Without Embarrassing God by Tony Campolo confronts us with some of our everyday words and actions that are out of step with the footsteps of Jesus with insightful advice on how to get back in step.