Stewardship 2021:

Stewardship season gives each of us a chance to slow down, recognize our blessings, and respond in gratitude.

Below is an excerpt from the letter that was mailed to each household:
“None of us expected the events of the past year, but we persevered through the adversity and continued our commitment to live out our CREDO: SEEK, DISCOVER, SHARE. We know we have miles to go before we can safely gather together in person for indoor worship, fellowship, education, and mission, but God’s grace brought us safe this far, and that grace will lead us home again. Through your ongoing financial support of the church, St. Mark continues to provide innovative and creative opportunities to gather online and serve our neighbors in need across the street and around the world.”

On Sunday, November 8, we will have a special celebration service online, and we will offer our financial pledges for the upcoming year.

Pledge cards will be coming in the mail.
Pledge cards can be mailed to the church office or you can drop it off in the church office during staffed office hours.

If you are an active user of our church management software, SimpleChurch, you can pledge online through SimpleChurch. You can learn more about this option by emailing the church office at: