Stewardship 2020:

On Discover Sunday, we introduced St. Mark’s new CREDO:

Stewardship season gives each of us a chance to slow down, recognize our blessings, and respond in gratitude.

On Sunday, November 17, we will have a Dedication Service where everyone is encouraged to turn in their pledges for 2020.

If you are unable to be with us for that worship service, you can mail in the card or drop it off in the church office.

If you are an active user of our church management software, Simple Church, you can also pledge online through the app. You can learn more about this option by emailing the church office at:

Faith is God’s gift to us.
With Faith, we trust God with ourselves and our resources.

“Giving has always been a mark of Christian commitment and discipleship. The ways in which a believer uses God’s gifts of material goods, personal abilities, and time should reflect a faithful response to God’s self-giving in Jesus Christ and Christ’s call to minister to and share with others in the world. Tithing is a primary expression of the Christian discipline of stewardship.”
“Those who follow the discipline of Christian stewardship will find themselves called to lives of simplicity, generosity, honesty, hospitality, compassion, receptivity, and concern for the earth and God’s creatures.”
“The Christian life is an offering of one’s self to God. In worship the people are presented with the costly self offering of Jesus Christ, are claimed and set free by him, and are led to respond by offering to him their lives, their particular gifts and abilities, and their material goods.”
–Excerpt from the Book of Order – PC(USA)