VERY BEST SUMMER – from Children’s Ministries
We’re planning a variety of activities and events this summer – gardening, sharing small blessings with others, and more.
Check them out!

*** Here are a list of scriptures referenced in the Children’s message for the week of July 12, 2020.
Blessing Over Children – Prayer with Scripture Referencesin pdf format

*** Back to School Supply Drive Supporting Mission Partners ***
While we don’t know what school will look like in the coming months, students will still need appropriate supplies.
Please join the St. Mark family in collecting back to school supplies and children’s socks and underwear through August 27. Our collections will be supporting several of our mission partners in their back to school initiatives. Back to school sales are starting to pop up, so now’s a great time to find some deals on supplies to share.
What ages are donations needed for: elementary through high school age
Which mission partners are being supported: Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services, Isaiah 58 Ministries, and Circle of Concern
How can I support our mission partners:
1. Place supplies in the “school bus” inside the “Mark” entryway by the office when the building is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. -2 p.m. Please email to notify us when you plan to drop off the supplies and remember that for the safety of others, no other portion of the church building may be accessed without a scheduled appointment.
2. If you prefer to make a cash donation, please send a check to St. Mark Presbyterian Church and designate “Back to School” on the memo line. Only back to school supplies, socks, and underwear will be purchased with the donated funds.
When can I donate: July 20 – August 27
Items we collect and purchase with donated funds will be delivered to our mission partners in August.
Coordinated by St. Mark Children’s Ministries and Mission Committee
For further information, please contact Latisha Gilliland, Director of Children’s Ministries, or Joyce Blackwell and Chris Polak, Mission Committee Co-Chairs

*** Outdoor Prayer in Motion – A Prayer Walk ***
Sometimes, exploring the world God created while relating to God in prayer can help us see through fresh eyes the goodness of all that He made. Whether you’d like to go for a serene prayer walk or share prayer time outdoors with your family, you can visit the six prayer stations around St. Mark Presbyterian Church.
Visit each of the following stations, where a prayer sign will be located with the words of the prayer and an accompanying reflection or song:
• The Cross – Lord’s prayer
• The Mark entrance of the church – for the church
• The Luke entrance of the church – for the world
• The Children’s Garden – for food
• The Playground – for families
• The Matthew entrance of the church – that Jesus will go before us and make the path straight

Although Children’s Ministry has helped plan it and there is a component for families, the prayer stations are for all ages.
Several of the signs use a QR code to get you to the accompanying resource website. To get to the link from the QR code, here are a few instructions:
How to scan a QR code – iPhone
1. Open the Camera app
2. Take a picture of the QR code so that it appears in the viewfinder in the Camera app. Your device recognizes the QR code and shows a notification.
3. Tap the notification to open the link associated with the QR code.
How to scan a QR code – Android
Your phone may require that you download a QR Code reader app, which will then allow you to scan the QR code and open the associated link.

*** This shares some Fantastic Activities for Kids and stories about families that have benefited from Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services ***
Activities from PCHAS in pdf format