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Youth need to have a Permission Form on file before attending Youth events.

Download the Youth Permission Form Here

Youth Ministry

Youth at St. Mark, grades 6-12, are engaged in not only fellowship but also classes, mission trips, service projects and other opportunities to grow their faith.

For more information contact our Associate Pastor MP (636) 394-2233 ext. 117 or
In addition, Youth are invited to serve as Liturgists at Worship — if you wish to serve as a Liturgist at worship contact Pastor Dave at (636) 394-2233 ext. 113 or

Youth Committee Mission Statement
“To empower our youth through worship, fellowship, study and service to become committed to their faith in Jesus Christ and make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.”

Confirmation Class

Get Ready! Confirmation class is held on Sundays. Students in Middle School and High School students who have not been confirmed are welcome to join this eight-month course. Confirmation students attend classes, participate in mission activities, lock-ins, and learn about the Bible, the Christian faith, the mission of the church and what it means to be Presbyterian. Upon completion of the course, the students are confirmed during worship service and received as new members of St. Mark. Contact Pastor MP for more information.

Youth Bible Study
Wednesday evenings from 6 — 7pm

Students participating in Bible Study will have the opportunity to relate with God’s story through the storying process, discover meaning, and develop fresh insights of the biblical narrative. Youth are welcome to bring friends for fellowship, snacks, and bible study.

Youth Hangout

Join us on the last Sunday of each month from 4-6pm in the Youth Lounge.

Youth Led Worship

Once a year, for an entire weekend, the youth (both middle school and senior high) plan and lead worship. Youth Led Worship is a wonderful opportunity for the congregation to experience worship leadership from a unique perspective.

At St. Mark, we believe that all are beloved children of God. We want the youth to experience the Trinitarian God, the God who is with us in community. St Mark’s youth ministry seeks to give youth this experience through:

– Engaging Study: creative, thoughtful and faith-formative Bible studies and small groups

– Genuine Community: all youth are welcome at St Mark. We offer weekly Bible study, youth group and other activities for youth. As a faith community, St. Mark is very encouraging and supportive of youth.

– Meaningful Mission & Service: our youth and families participate in monthly mission activities every first weekend, where we truly seek to empower our community with the love of God. Annually, we have a week-long mission trip in the summer, which the youth and parents highly anticipate. Mission matters to St. Mark.

– Committed Mentoring: beginning in confirmation, our youth are connected with an adult member at St Mark who serves “to walk alongside” them in the journey of faith. This committed support and presence of the mentors is essential to the faith development of our youth people. We are incredibly grateful for such encouraging and faithful mentors here at St. Mark.

– Empowering Discipleship: through all the study, small groups, lock-ins, retreats, trips, mission work, we seek to connect our youth with the body of Christ so that they may know the Grace of God and share God’s love with the world. St. Mark works to give our youth and families practical methods of loving God and neighbor in their everyday life.”